Healthcare Staffing

Dream for the best care possible

At HireX, we specialize in providing qualified and experienced healthcare professionals to hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare staffing services that improve patient outcomes and support the professional development of our employees. We value integrity, commitment, and excellence in everything we do.


  • Travellers – Hospital Nursing, Allied, Long Term Care
  • Facilities – Hospitals, Nursing Centers, Rural Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities.


  • Nurse 1 – They made my travel journey smooth – Sasha J
  • Nurse 2 – I have been redeployed thrice since January 2022, and I know, HireX can be trusted – Joshua Smith
  • Nurse 3 – They are crisp, concise, and compelling in their approach and my onboarding journey was wonderful – Becky James


Your search for the right job starts here

HireX offers a premium service for employers looking to hire. Before the matching process begins, all suitable candidates are internally vetted. Then with our VectorMatchingTM process, we match candidates to the company based on skills and culture-fit. So, every hire is a positive step forward for your company.