How we help you deliver with excellence

  • 1 Partner with you to establish clear goals and objectives, using our experience to guide you through the art of setting goals that will enable success and increase motivation
  • 2 Plan the major project phases and milestones (epics and features), using our best practices and experience to help you select the best approach to optimize value and reduce risk
  • 3 Provide advice on governance and program structure based on industry and sector best practices, regulatory environment, internal controls, and enterprise factors
  • 4 Offer the services of talented and experienced project staff at all levels to help you scale up faster
  • 5 Deliver on time and budget

Do You Need Expert Help to Complete Your IT Project?

HireX has the team you need to help deliver your IT project. From Project Managers, Architects, Systems/Business Analysts, and Developers, our highly-trained experts will provide you with the necessary skill sets and methods to support a smooth project delivery

With IT Project Delivery Services from HireX, you can:
-Access highly-skilled team members
-Accelerate your project delivery
-Gain long- or short-term help as needed
-Benefit from industry-specific expertise
-Help ensure your project is completed on time and on budget

The benefits of our IT project delivery services

  • Stick to Your Budget
    By using strict methodologies we can keep scope creep to a minimum and keep your projects on budget
  • Niche Industry and Software Expertise
    We have industry and technology-specific skill sets that can guide your project team to success
  • Reduced Hiring and Training Time
    By accessing our resources for the duration of your project, you don’t have to manage onboarding FTEs or contracts
  • Proven Process
    Our IT consultants follow proven processes that are matched to industry best practices for quality results
  • Access to a Full Range of IT Resources
    We have business analysts, project managers, developers, architects, and other experts with a wide range of skills
  • Highly Qualified and Certified Senior Project Leaders
    Our project leaders have the expertise to move barriers and get projects back on track